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2017: Holden Bentley

Nicole Genrich

2017: Holden Bentley

The Red Ledger: What college are you attending?

Holden Bentley: University of Texas at Austin.

TRL: What are you studying in college?

HB: I’m majoring in biomedical engineering. I chose to go into this major because of my dual interest in medicine and mathematics/physics. I’ve always loved anatomy and studying how the human body works, but I also really like calculus and physics. I plan on using this major to get into medical school to hopefully one day go into surgery.

TRL: What made you choose this field of study?

HB: My mother and father are the two role models in my life. My mother is a radiologist MD, and my father is an electrical engineer. I look up to both of them as examples of success and what I want to achieve on day; therefore, my major reflects a combination of the paths they took in their lives. I’m passionate about what I’m studying because the rest of my life depends on these few years of hard work. I love what I’m studying in college because it’s the kind of academics that is just so satisfying to achieve in.

TRL: Were there any classes at Lovejoy that you took that propelled you into what you are doing at college now?

HB: My interest in anatomy was innate; however, I acquired a greater interest in math and physics in high school. Mr. Christian’s calculus class and Mr. Stallings’ pre-calculus class both were a lot of fun and made me really see the practical applications math can have in the real world. I learned how to really study for a math class from taking both of their courses. I began to love physics first from Mr. Voth’s physics I class. The best moment in that class was when we had to launch a type one projectile and predict its exact range using a cup. My interest in physics expanded even more in Mr. Horst’s physics II class. I especially loved how well Mr. Horst could break down difficult concepts.

TRL: What have you been doing in college?

HB: So far in college I’ve just been studying a lot for my classes. College is a place full of opportunity, but for my first semester, I have decided not to extend too far out from my course load. Honestly, difficulty and workload-wise, college is almost a mirror image of my junior/senior years in high school. They’re like AP classes, except more independent learning. I have fewer classes, but have to put in much more work into each of them. Overall, college is on the same level as if you are taking mostly AP classes in high school. With regards to organizations and campus involvement, I plan on joining a club maybe after freshman year. I may join a medical-oriented club, but I’ve thought it would be fun to start my own DOTA 2 (a multiplayer online videogame) club as well. Whichever yields the greatest net benefit for my med school application.

TRL: What is your opinion on what you’ve been participating in during college?

HB: I’m having a great time taking a course load that is very math and science-oriented. It’s as if I’m in my favorite class in every class period.

TRL: Outside of classes, what have you done since leaving Lovejoy?

HB: Well, unlike the past valedictorians, I haven’t been away from Lovejoy High School for that long, honestly (basically one summer). Since leaving Lovejoy, I’ve mostly just been planning classes I will take during my four years at college, deciding what I will do over the summers, and meeting new people. Right now, I’m still in a transition into college life, which can be very exciting.

TRL: In what ways do you think going to Lovejoy prepared you for college and beyond?

HB: Lovejoy prepared me by allowing me to form a very strong work ethic. If you take a lot of AP classes at Lovejoy, you will have to work every day until night, weekday or not. By doing this at Lovejoy, I have come into college knowing how to study vast amounts of material in a short amount of time and to sit still and work for long periods of time. Lovejoy also offers so many advanced courses that I have a really good understanding of the fundamentals in calculus, physics, chemistry, and biology already, which makes those classes easier in college.

TRL: After college, what are your plans?

HB: After college, I plan on going to medical school to become a surgeon of some sort one day. I have thought a lot about going into plastic surgery, but I’m honestly open to trying any surgery. The idea of being a surgeon sounds really exciting and interesting to me. It’s a profession that allows one to physically apply what they’ve learned. I also have a great interest in architecture, acquired from Mrs. Beller’s AP art history class, and being a surgeon would allow me to build a nice home in a southern classical style.

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