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2014: Chloe Shay

2014: Chloe Shay

The Red Ledger: What college are you attending?

Chloe Shay: Texas A&M University.

TRL: What are you studying in college?

CS: [I am studying] electrical engineering. I’ve always really enjoyed my math and physics classes, and electrical engineering uses these skills to create new technology.

TRL: Were there any classes at Lovejoy that propelled you into what you are doing at college now?

CS: AP calculus was particularly beneficial to my degree. Electrical engineering is a lot of applied calculus, so I use these skills almost everyday in my classes and research.

TRL: Outside of taking college classes, what have you done since leaving Lovejoy?

CS: I interned at Texas Instruments in Dallas for the past two summers. My first internship was in product marketing engineering. This allowed me to examine market trends and implement strategies to market TI products.  

My second internship was in applications engineering in the High Speed Data Converters group. In this role, I engaged with customers to solve problems and answer questions regarding high speed data converters.  I also wrote a program to benefit customers product usage.  

I’ve been actively involved in Texas A&M’s IEEE organization, serving as an officer the past two years. I’m currently doing research with Huff Research Group related to RF systems and performance modeling. I’m also looking forward to studying in Thessaloniki, [Greece] this winter.

TRL: In what ways do you think going to Lovejoy prepared you for college and beyond?

CS: The amount of AP classes Lovejoy offers was very helpful in college. I was able to come into college with credit for many of the core-curriculum courses, which allowed me to focus more on my major classes and save tuition.  

TRL: After college, what do you plan to do?

CS: I’ll be graduating in May and am looking forward to starting my career in engineering. I’m considering offers in Dallas and Santa Clara, [California].

TRL: What was it like in high school knowing your sister was the 2012 valedictorian?

CS: I’ve been inspired by Macey’s drive and hard-work in her classes, and that certainly encouraged me to work as hard as I could throughout high school.

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