Interview with players Callie Mayfield and Kaylee Rekieta

The Red Ledger: With the induction of Emily Weichel into the LPPL Hall of Fame, you are now the longest tenured and most experienced quarterback in the league. How do you think this will factor into your success or is your age a cause for concern?

Callie Mayfield: I think it makes it all the more exciting, just going out there and being super confident that we’ll get the win with all the girls on our team. The underclassmen have had to practice a lot more to keep up with us, but I think when it comes to game time, our experience with playing under pressure will show.


TRL: What will the team be focusing on practicing in the warm-up match, I mean game against the freshman?

Kaylee Rekieta: Probably just working on running through our plays efficiently. Some girls we will be putting in both ways in the final but in the first game we can all just sit back and have some fun.


TRL: There’s been reports, corroborated by Instagram, that the seniors having been living it up this offseason after their historic win with multiple trips to Mexico and various lakes. Is the senior team focused heading into the new season?

CM: I think there’s definitely been some fun had in the offseason but right now we are locked into practicing and preparing for winning the LPPL title once again.


TRL: So quick, some say her feet don’t even touch the ground, is Kaylee the Cheetah primed to once again bust open the record books and speedometers everywhere?

KR: Of course. I’m the fastest one of the team and I think with the nice warm-up match before hand, there will be no stopping me in the final.


TRL: The Bruiser, The Pain Train, The Bonebreaker, I could go on and on. Will we see Alyssa Difiore wreaking havoc on the field once again this year?

CM: Oh yeah. She’s one of the most athletic girls on the team and she just understands the plays so quickly. She’s money all day.