Interview with player Ashlyn May

The Red Ledger: How are you dealing with the pressure of being starting quarterback despite the lack of experience?

Ashlyn May: I think I’m doing pretty well. It’s kind of stressful though knowing that I have the ball every play.


TRL: Your eligibility with the junior team has been called into question due to your decision to graduate early. How do you address this?

AM: The juniors have always been my class and this is my last hurrah with them so I’m excited for it.


TRL: The team has experienced some great turnover in both the coaches and starting positions. How can you expect to have team chemistry without stability?

AM: We actually have really great team chemistry this year. The coaches have done an outstanding job with us and the fact that a lot of the girls know each other from different activities really helps. It’s been a lot of fun.


TRL: The two opponents you’re likely to face this year, the sophomores and the seniors, both have such explosive offenses that administration is considering adding a three digit scoreboard. How do you think your defense will contain them?

AM: We have a really solid defense. It’s actually been quite hard playing against them so I don’t think we have much to worry about.


TRL: What’s the key focus in practice these past months in the offseason?

AM: Just gotta keep your head in the game and stay focused. It’s been in the back of mind all year.