Interview with coaches Luke Mayfield and Hunter Smith

The Red Ledger: How do you expect the freshmen to hold up their defense against the seniors who annihilated last year as juniors, amassing over 3,000 yards of total offense?

Luke: Well, I was there last year, so I did some recruiting and some scouting and I know the seniors weapons.

Hunter: Our defense is gonna be locked down.

TRL: We have seen the impressive athletic capabilities of your sister, Callie, do you believe you possess the same talent as her when it comes to coaching?

Luke: Yeah, she’s all right. I’m gonna throw in some trickery and some hand signals to throw the other team off.

TRL: Do you think your dad, principal Chris Mayfield, will be more impartial toward your or your sister’s team?

Luke: Definitely me, because I’m the better child.

TRL: It’s impossible to stop senior running back Kaylee Rekieta. What chance do you think you have at maybe, possibly, slowing her down?

Luke: Flag pulling.

Hunter: We’ll slow them down.

TRL: What coaching strategies will you use against senior head coach, Bumper Pool, who could have Bill Belichick’s job if he answered the Patriots’ phone calls?

Luke: I’ll use his family to distract him. Harper, Maddie, Laurie, any of them. They like me better.