Interview with coach Harper Pool

The Red Ledger: How do you expect to have close to the same passion as your brother, head coach Bumper Pool, who’s breakable clipboards have already been sponsored by Staples?

Harper: Oh wow. I won’t need to break any clipboards, because our team is so good that I won’t have to worry about that. We’ll never be down, we’ll never be close to losing so I’ll never have a problem with that.


TRL: You guys received a walloping by the senior class last year. How are you looking to change the team’s mindset after such a degrading loss?

Harper: We’re just gonna move on. We gotta learn to just move on, that’s what we did. We look at the juniors and they don’t look good at all, and we’re playing them. The seniors are a good group, but i think we have a better coaching staff then them. I think we’ll win this year.


TRL: What has been a key focus point you have worked on with your team this year to try and claim a victory?

Harper: Ego wins. That our motto and it was last year. We gotta go in there cocky. We’re gonna come out with the win. We’re backing up what we say.


TRL: If you make it to the championship against the seniors, how do you expect to try and pull out a W when your players are half the size of the seniors and have half the strategy?  

Harper: We have more heart, and like I said better coaching. The seniors I think have a very weak staff. The head coach is weak, he really shows that once he’s starting to go down, he doesn’t know how to rebuild. He just gets more mad and more mad, and that’s not a key to coaching. I think we’ll be fine there.


TRL: The junior team is looking very different from last year at the coaching and quarterback spots. How will you look to exploit this?

Harper: I’ve noticed that their good coaches were fired for no reason. These new guys do not look good at all.


TRL: How outraged are you about the administration’s decision to let Ashlynn May play as the junior quarterback when she is graduating early?

Harper: I see no problem. We’re fine, we can beat anybody. It can be a 30-year-old or a 10-year-old, we can beat them.