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The spicy tuna roll at Shiwase was the best example of this dish that the reviewer had ever tasted.

Food Feud: Roll call

A ranking of some of the sushi hotspots around town

September 8, 2017

For me, nothing beats the taste of fish, vegetables and salty soy sauce all wrapped in seaweed. The famous fish delicacy by the name of sushi has become a very popular food in the area, as there are several growing businesses with this Japanese cuisine. I rated the most popular sushi places in the area on the overall taste, price, and environment that the rolls were presented in. The results are below.


Nosoo is a local sushi and hibachi place located on McDermott that draws in crowds. Nosoo is known for its happy hour discount on specific rolls. Many love Nosoo due to the variety of rolls available, the good prices and the environment. Nosoo takes first place for having the best tiger roll and an extremely good spicy tuna roll. The rolls taste fresh and have the perfect amount of sauce and spice. Unfortunately, they do not have a dragon roll on the menu, but there is an eel roll upon specific request.

Overall Score: 9.5


The variety of rolls is endless in Axiom in Allen. I really enjoyed the ambiance of the restaurant. The rolls are much more expensive, but they also have more specialty rolls. The service in the Allen location is slow. The sauces and extras in the specialty rolls are worth the extra few dollars, as they compliment the roll really well. The tiger and the eel roll have a sharp taste that when combined with all the add-ons made the overall taste amazing. I took off points for the pricing of the rolls and for the slow service that impacted my overall experience.

Overall Score: 7


Shiawase was a surprising experience. A large establishment that sits across from Allen Cinemark 16, the environment inside is upscale, with a long sushi bar running down the wall of the restaurant. Their spicy tuna roll was the best that I’ve ever had, which really blew my mind because I didn’t expect anything to top Nosoo’s very good and reasonably priced option. However, Shiawase’s eel roll had a musty taste, and I really did not enjoy taking multiple bites of it. Luckily, the soy sauce had a slightly sweeter taste that balanced the flavor of the eel roll. The salmon roll, though, was too packed with salmon and had little to no pickled cucumbers and peppers.

Overall score 6.5

Sushi Go

Sushi Go is a little sushi place located on Stacy Road that is known to deliver. However, when my friends and I ordered delivery, it took over an hour and a half to show up. Sushi Go specializes in sushi rolls that are well-known and typically considered basic. The sushi was decent, but not great, and the service was poor for some common salmon, California and tuna rolls. It also was a little pricey for the lackluster quality and variety. Kroger sushi is better if you and your friends are looking for good sushi on the go.

Overall score: 5

Blue Fish

Against popular opinions, Blue Fish takes last place for its below average and over-priced sushi that was warm when I received it. When you walk into Blue Fish, you can immediately tell where you are due to the repugnant smell of fish, and I’m not talking about the gourmet kind. My eel roll was not up to sushi standards that other places around town had met. The fish in the rolls simply did not taste fresh. However, the eel sauce was tasty and complimented the roll better than I originally thought it would.

Overall Score: 4

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