Split for the best

Young Life Allen/Lovejoy branch separate to encourage relationships


Courtesy of Young Life

The Young Life community sectioned itself recently due to the growing population.

Erika Jenkins, Staff Writer

Students from all over North Texas are participating in what many call the party with a purpose, Young Life. The group is designed to introduce high-school students to the Christian faith through fun and friendship, and the Allen/Lovejoy branch recently split into two separate groups instead of being merged into one. Now, Lovejoy students will meet separately.

Young Life leader Katy Park said the split will help “set the schools up for success and sustainability long term” and believes it is a good decision.

“Though it will be weird and feel small in the beginning, we believe the split clubs provide more room for growth,” Park said. “Also, we believe that it will make ‘all area’ gatherings more exciting and fun when we do things together.”

Sophomore Darby Price, a Young Life attendee, agreed that the split from Allen was for the best.

“I absolutely think it was a good decision because we can extend our community and more people are able to develop relationships with our amazing leaders,” Price said.

At the Young Life meetings, students start off with singing, then play games, and finish the session with a lesson or sermon. Price said being part of the group and the experience of being in Young Life has impacted her positively.

“I would say come as much as you can,” Price said. “Young Life has made my life so much better. Not only are there phenomenal leaders, but you are around people that go to your school and have similar morals and beliefs.”

Sophomore Mallory Adamson advised those interested in participating to “bring a friend, be open to anyone, and don’t be afraid to dance.”

“Young Life is a place where you meet friends and learn about Jesus,” Adamson said. “[Young Life] has impacted me so much because I’ve met so many genuine people who lead me in growing my faith.”

Meeting locations for Young Life are still being discussed. After the first club to be held on Sept. 11, the group will meet every following Monday starting at 7:29 p.m. Outside of meetings, members can attend Campaigners, an all-girls bible study group at 6 p.m. before regular meetings. Students are also encouraged to participate in trips, such as the Beyond Malibu July 2017 trip in British Columbia.

“We welcome anyone and everyone, regardless of religion or faith or lack thereof,” Park said. “We believe in high adventure and meaningful relationships. We want people to come as they are, and we love them wherever that is. Our purpose is to introduce high school people to Jesus and help them grow their faith.”

For updates, see the Young Life Lovejoy twitter account or their home page.