Senior goodbye: Embrace the high school experience


Carter Bryant

Senior Grant Doig talks of all the different aspects of high school and how to make the best of it.

Grant Doig, Staff Reporter

Editor’s Note: Senior goodbyes are student pieces that reflect on their past years in high school. These pieces take very different perspectives and the prompt was meant to be vague to inspire creativity. 

High school is boring.

High school is just a step you have to take to get to college.

High school is stupid and full of drama.

I’ve heard all of these stereotypes of high school while roaming the halls of our school. Although there’s some truth to these, I’m confident that my high school experience has helped me become the man I am.

I know I’m not like most students.

I revel in the opportunity to write a paper. I embrace the awkwardness that ensues daily. I like doing lots of different things to help grow my perspective. But in some cases I think this is what sets me apart.

The people close to me know I have never taken myself very seriously. I’m almost always cracking jokes or being sarcastic. However, it hasn’t always been that way.

Growing up I was an introvert, lacking confidence in myself and solely concerned with my grades and sports. Not until middle school and later on high school did I begin to branch out and get more involved.

I’ll never forget that first day of high school. Fresh from our family’s move from Oklahoma that summer, a big-eyed, sweaty-palmed, nervous wreck of a freshman named Grant walked into the biggest day of his life at a whole new school. Those old introverted feelings crept back up on me like some horror movie monster. My freshmen year was pretty rough. I struggled making friends and found it hard to fit into the new community I was forcefully placed in.

Refusing to pout or get angry I decided to be more outgoing my sophomore year. I made great friendships with a lot of my baseball teammates and other classmates. Guys like Reed, Dane, Chan and Bray helped me become more comfortable in my new environment.

Junior year was solid. I grew and learned a lot despite feeling constantly overwhelmed and stressed. That year taught me a lot about organizing my time and activities and helped set the groundwork for how I deal with challenging situations. I also took my favorite class of my high school career, AP Lang. I learned how to write well, and I loved Mr. Eairheart who helped me communicate my ideas and was someone I could always talk to whether it be for tutoring or fantasy sports.

Senior year has definitely been my favorite year. I’ve loved leading the student section at football games and watching some of my best friends compete on the gridiron. I made great memories on the baseball diamond where I will most definitely miss all my teammates and brothers (shoutout LOJOMOJO) and made those “senior friends” whom, in retrospect, I wish I’d met earlier on.

Now I get to be a freshman again, heading to the University of Arkansas.  But this time it’s a focused, confident, freshman named Grant who is excited for another shot at a fresh start. I’d like to thank everybody at Lovejoy High School for helping me make that transformation.

If I can leave you with anything, it’s this: embrace your four years in high school and take each obstacle as a lesson to help mold who you want to be.
High school doesn’t have to boring, just a step to college, filled with pointless drama, or any other stereotype. But it depends on you, and how you choose to use the four years you’re given here.