AP art students to display year’s work


Parker Nolan

Art teacher Amanda Beller and juniors Emma Wigginton and Elijah Ruhala look over an art piece in the AP art room.

Nicole Genrich, Staff Reporter

AP sculpture and drawing students will showcase their portfolios at this year’s AP art show on Saturday, May 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Villages of Fairview between Splitsville and iPic. The show will feature more AP artists in sculpture than last year and will continue to display several 2D pieces from each artist.

“This year, my students produced about 20 pieces on average for their portfolio, but it will depend on how much space is available for what will be displayed at the show,” AP sculpture teacher Jeff Seidel said.

Students in the AP art show display their concentration pieces along with some of the other pieces they have created this year. A concentration is a series of pieces on the same topic.

“This year for my concentration I used pen, and my topic was how humans destroy the environment and how animals adapt to the man-made objects in the environment,” senior Joelle Benigno said.

Seidel said every student has a thematic subject they center their piece around to create a series of related works.

“I had several kids who did narrative concentrations, which tell a story, a girl that did a series of beautiful soapstone sculptures, and a girl who did a botanical-based concentration,” Seidel said.

The AP art program has continued to grow and has challenged students to produce new ideas, AP drawing and painting teacher Brice McCasland said.

“I think this year’s group of kids have really taken risks and they have really pushed the concept of personal voice,” McCasland said. “It gets more difficult every year for students because the boundary continues to be pushed more in terms of what kids can do.”