Lacrosse senior night to be held at high school


Courtesy of Madison Beaty

Senior Cole Griffin pushing a fast break.

Lulu Butler, Staff Reporter

The lacrosse program will be holding their annual Senior Day game on April 22 to award the seniors on their accomplishments and explain their future plans for college. The game will start at 2 p.m. and the seniors will be escorted onto the field by their parents and recognized during halftime.

This game will also commemorate three of the senior lacrosse players who have committed to NCAA programs. Senior Cole Griffin has signed with the University of Dallas. Senior Logan Nitschke has signed with Minnesota State University. Senior George Butler has signed with Southern Virginia University.

“I am very happy to commit to the NCAA, and I am very proud of the other seniors that are committing,” Nitschke said.

Butler is excited for the opportunity to play with his graduating class and be recognized for their achievements.

“I’m most excited just to play a game with a bunch of my senior friends, like we usually do, but just kind of have it more focused on the seniors and to hopefully get a win,” Butler said.

If interested in attending, admission is free, although paying 10 dollars will support the program and buy two hotdogs, a bag of chips, one soda, and the chance to win an iPad.