Studio dance concert to showcase season’s work

Kelsey Carroll, Staff Reporter

Tonight at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, the studio dance classes will be performing their spring concert. The show will feature all four studio dance classes as well as middle school dance classes.

The show will involve an opening and closing dance that all students in studio dance will perform in, along with dances performed by each of the individual high school, seventh grade, and eighth grade classes.

“The show is like a culminating project that we’ve just kind of been working on from the beginning of the year,” studio dance teacher Jenny Willis said. “So it’s got class dances in it that we worked on since the fall, we’ve got choreography projects that the kids have done, so it’s just a good snapshot of everything that they’ve learned and gone through in their high school year.”

The first six weeks of school are spent doing a ballet unit that focuses on technique, then the students start preparing for the dances they will perform at the concert. Each dance shows off what that class has focused on that year for the first time.

“It’s really about giving them an opportunity to dance on stage and have that performance experience,” Willis said. “We rent costumes and there’s lighting and there’s makeup, and it’s a true dance concert, so it really gives them the full experience.”

The opening and closing dances are choreographed by the seniors. Freshman Sanjana Jacob said the show is nerve wracking, yet she has had positive experiences while being in studio dance.

“I think I’m just excited to dance with all my other classmates since at the beginning of the year, none of us really knew each other, but throughout the year we got closer to each other,” Jacob said.

Junior Mandy Rickett said she feels the show has a precedent to uphold, but thinks her class has been working hard enough to pull off a good show.

“Honestly it’s just fun to dance,” Rickett said. “I like dancing a lot. I think it’s exciting to show everyone, my parents, and my friends what I’ve been working so hard on, especially because other sports have games throughout the year, but this is our one thing to show other people.”