Photojournalism paves way for PAAVTAC


Matthew Cinquepalmi

In the place of the old photojournalism class, PAAVTAC has added audio, video, and communications to the photography curriculum.

Nicole Genrich, Staff Reporter

The technology department has made changes to the photojournalism class, and in its place is Principles of Arts, Audio, Video Technology and Communications, or PAAVTAC.

“Although the class has a new name, it’s basically just photojournalism with a few new things, PAAVTAC,” teacher Jennifer Holcomb said.

The class teaches different photography skills including artistic photography, lighting, photography, photojournalism, introductory photoshop skills and indesign skills.  The class focuses on photography and video skills from a beginner to an intermediate level. The class was changed at the end of last year photojournalism to PAAVTAC to reflect a change in the TEKS and class credit.

“It’s different from photojournalism in the sense that it’s also audio, video and communications,” Holcomb said. “There are some takes that cover different skill sets, so I tried to incorporate those activities where students not only shoot still, or photojournalism-type pictures. They also shoot video and edit it.”

Students will be editing videos in iMovie and getting comfortable with the basics of shooting video as well.

“The class is a little more technology-based, but it still has a focus on photography too,” Holcomb said.