Review: World War Cheese

A comprehensive and extensive list of the best queso in town


Parker Nolan

TRL’s Nicole Genrich reviews one of her favorite Tex-mex foods from around the area.

Nicole Genrich, Staff Reporter

It’s time for an extremely important and controversial issue to be addressed.


Many have argued that what makes the extremely popular zesty cheese dip famous is the competition between Tex-Mex restaurants for who has the best. In the greater Allen, Fairview, and Lucas area alone there are a plethora of Tex-Mex establishments.

A few of the favorites in the area include Freebirds, Cafe del Rio, Torchy’s, Chuy’s, Uncle Julio’s, Wild Salsa, La Finca Chiquita, On the Border  and Mi Cocina. These fine establishments were in the considerations for which Tex-Mex restaurant receives the title for the best queso in the area.

The origin of queso resides in the ancient process of cheese making and the Spanish wish for a cheese that has depth of flavor. Many say the delicious and spicy dip started in Chihuahua, Mexico and spread over the border to Texas for many booming restaurant chains attempting to have the very best melted cheese dip.

I have considered a multitude of qualities when grading the queso content including spiciness, add-ons, texture, and chips. I would consider myself to be a Tex-Mex connoisseur as I have been born and raised in Texas and have come after a legacy of the queso connoisseurs before me.

Fifth Place: Mi Cocina

A Watter’s Creek favorite takes fifth place for their unique queso blanco. This queso, although not very spicy, is packed with flavor. Mi Cocina’s chips pair extremely well for a very impressionable bowl of queso. The texture is slightly too thick however, which takes away a few points from this bowl.

Overall Score: 6.5


Fourth Place: La Finca Chiquita

Fourth place goes to the hole in the wall Tex-mex restaurant located in the old post office in downtown Allen, La Finca Chiquita. Although a small establishment, it does not lack in quality. This little restaurant serves queso with a slightly thick texture and crispy chips that compliment the overall flavor.  Although very tasty with the green peppers used in the recipe, it lacks a little in spice but makes up for it in cheesy flavor.

Overall Score: 7


Third Place: Wild Salsa

Taking the title of third place is Wild Salsa, located in the front of JC Penny’s in the Villages of Fairview with a quality queso featuring a simple twist. Their queso, although different, does not disappoint with its  guacamole, house-made chorizo with jalapeño-potato-onion mix and sour cream.

Overall Score: 7.5


Second Place: Chuy’s

My personal favorite Tex-Mex establishment originates from Austin, Texas, and is a classic restaurant with an interesting environment that wins over any foodie with their homemade tortillas. Chuy’s queso wins second place for its delicious flavor and fresh ingredients that combine to make a classic and delicious bowl of a Texan’s favorite cheese dip. Don’t forget that Monday through Friday their queso is free from four to seven.

Overall score: 9


First Place: Torchy’s Tacos

The booming establishment that started from a street taco stand in Austin, Texas takes first place for the quality spicy flavor in combination with the fresh pico de gallo and guacamole center. The renowned, and loved by many, Torchy’s Tacos takes first place due to it’s nice texture that is neither too soupy nor too chunky. Torchy’s chips impact the flavor, because they are slightly breakable. However the spice adds a delicious twist to this renowned queso.

Overall Score: 10