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The school will host its first Visual Arts Portrait Show March 7

Identity and portraiture will be explored and displayed at the 1st Annual Lovejoy Visual Arts Portrait Show in the high school art gallery on Tuesday, March 7, from 6-8 p.m.  

The show that’s coming up is all about identity,” art teacher Brice McCasland said. “It is loosely the concept of what a portrait is and how it’s used to represent not only self, but others, and really the extremes of where that can be pushed.”

The show will feature a variety of art forms, including two dimensional paintings and three dimensional sculptures, which will play a prominent role in show.

“With the whole 3D aspect of it [sculpture], it can convey a lot more things than you with 2-Dimensional Art,” junior Dylon Hitt said. “I feel like a lot of people can take their own opinions on a piece, so I think in sculpture you convey multiple emotions to different people, based on their interpretation.”

There will be pieces from all schools and grade levels in the district, and the high school’s visual arts department hopes it will begin a tradition of annual portrait shows.

“You’ll see traditional portraiture and traditional mediums,” McCasland said. “And then you’ll see very exploratory, expressive symbolic work as well, but all under the umbrella of ‘What is Identity?”

The show will also be open daily during school hours from March 6 to April 7.

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