Column: I hate

Nick Smith, Staff Reporter

I hate how I wake up with a groggy feeling every morning, knowing that I’ll be dozing off during an important lecture sometime during the day and will not understand what’s going on in that class for the next few days.

I hate how consistently sunny the weather can be when I’m stuck inside a school for most of the day and how my mood isn’t consistently sunny either.

I hate when I’m in a bad mood because I treat people worse and put them in a bad mood, who then treat other people worse in this vicious cycle of negativity.

I hate onions.

I hate how I let one thing, such as a bad grade or something someone said to me, ruin my entire day knowing all the while how insignificant it is.

I hate expectations people have for me or I have for others because I know someone will be disappointed eventually.

I hate how funny some people think they are and how they don’t know when to stop talking.

I hate how judgemental I am sometimes.

I hate arrogance and when somebody thinks they are better than someone, especially when I realize I’m expressing those traits.

I hate when people don’t have integrity in what they do and I’m left feeling disappointed in someone.

I hate when I have a slow week and think I have a handle on my life before getting hit with an insane couple of days with no space to breathe between the school, work, and extracurricular events that eventually leads to yet another mental breakdown.

I hate slow drivers.

I hate grudges I hold against people for reasons that have long since disappeared from my memory.

I hate the anxiety I’ve gotten from school, as even when I have free time, I feel as if there is some work I should be doing or a test I should be studying for.

I hate how I don’t know whether the love I have for some people is the same as the love they have for me.

I hate how I have little idea of what I want to do with my life even though I’m supposed to be figuring it out right now, and I fear I’ll end up lonely and unhappy.

I hate how sometimes things don’t work out no matter how much effort I give.

But most of all I hate that no matter how much I hate, my hate doesn’t accomplish anything. The weather, foods, characteristics, thoughts, and tasks that I hate will not cease to exist simply because they annoy me. The only thing my hate does is leave me sulking in the bad day I’ve created for myself.

I really hate that.