Featured Athlete: Carson Hockersmith


Courtesy of Jim McGuinness

Sophomore and varsity cross country runner Carson Hockersmith, pictured running at the Gerald Richey Invitational, will compete at the district race Friday morning after overcoming a foot injury.

Drew Doig, Staff Reporter


Sport: Cross Country

Height: 5’5”

Experience: Four years

Shoe Preference: Nike’s

Key Stat: Mile personal record of 5:20


What is your favorite pre-meet meal? Spaghetti

What is your favorite pre-meet music? I listen to many different artists and genres, not one specific artist really.

What is your favorite course? The regional course in Grand Prairie, Texas. I like how the ground is flat.

Who do you look up to as a role model? I look up to Katie Ruhala, who ran a few years ago

What is your favorite quote?A moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.” – Louis Zamperini


The Red Ledger: Who/what introduced you to cross-country?

Carson Hockersmith: I would always run at a young age but my parents didn’t want me running competitively because they didn’t want me to burn out. So I started playing volleyball until the summer of sixth grade when I started to and was introduced to cross-country and I have loved it since.

TRL: What do you hope to accomplish this season in cross-country?

CH: I am hoping that I can win our race this weekend, and I hope our team can win regionals this year and place in the top ten

TRL: What are your strengths in cross-country?

CH: I do a lot of the little things like stretching, drinking lots of water, and eating well which I think sets myself apart from others.

TRL: What’s your favorite meet you have ran in?

CH: I like running in the Chilli Pepper meet in Arkansas.

TRL: Do you have any pre-meet rituals or routines?

CH: I am really focused on the morning of the race and throughout our warmup that we do in every meet I stay focused.

TRL: What motivates you to compete hard in cross-country?

CH: I always work my hardest and that motivates me to compete well.

TRL: How has your coach, Greg Christensen, impacted and helped you improve as a runner?

CH: He is really encouraging, a good motivator and he knows what he is talking about.

TRL: What is your best time that you have ran in a meet?

CH: I ran a 19:45 which is my best time.

TRL: Have you had any injury that you’ve had to overcome in cross-country?

CH: I hurt my metatarsal in my foot in the beginning of summer, and I had a stress fracture, resulting in me being out for 9 weeks. I have had to mentally overcome this injury and towards the end of summer I slowly got back into running.

TRL: What are the goals for your team this year?

CH: All season the goal has been to make it to state

TRL: What district opponents are you looking forward to run against this year?

CH: We want to beat Highland Park in district, and at regionals we hope to beat The Colony and Wakeland.

TRL: How is it being the captain of the team as a sophomore?

CH: I don’t think its that really that different than being a captain if you are a upperclassman, but I just make sure that all the girls are motivated and it is important that we all encourage one another.