Voting registration nearing Oct. 11 deadline


Mandy Halbert, Staff Reporter

The deadline for voter registration is coming up on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

Applications can be found online. The application should be printed and mailed to the county voter registrar.

To register, the voter must be 18 or older by Election Day, Nov. 8.

Once approved, the voter will be mailed their registration card or certificate and the number indicating where voting will take place.

Early voting dates are Oct. 24 through Nov. 4.

Voters must bring a form of identification. If the ID is past the expiration date, it can be by no more than 60 days.

Registration cards are required at the poll. If they do not have a card, they can contact county’s voter registrar.

Residents of Collin County may vote at any of the registered voting centers in the county.

Sample ballots for Collin County are available by precinct online.

Senior Garrett Martin has already registered and noted that in some countries, voting rights are restricted.

“I’m excited to vote this year,” Martin said. “It’s important to vote because it’s one of the civic duties that is easily available for most people to participate in.”

Senior Megan Hamilton has not registered yet and was not aware of the deadline.

“I plan to get registered this weekend,” Hamilton said.

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