Featured Athlete: Jack Bennett

‘I love the feeling of getting a win, and I have goals that I feel compelled to complete’


Courtesy of Eric Miller

Junior Jack Bennett is following in his older brother’s footsteps and hopes to lead the tennis team to a successful season.

Drew Doig, Staff Reporter


Sport: Tennis

Height: 5’9”

Experience: 6 years

Playing Style: Consistent approach

Key stat: Hits many “tweeners” in a match (player faces away from their opponent and hits the between his legs)


Favorite pre-game meal: The Great Outdoors Sub Shop

Favorite pre-game music: Panda by Desiigner

Favorite quote: Philippians 4:13- “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”

Favorite tennis player: Roger Federer

3 words that describe you: Determined, Outgoing, Integrity


The Red Ledger: How will you carry out your brother’s legacy as a great tennis player at Lovejoy?

Jack Bennett: My brother made state in his senior year, so I am hoping to make it in the spring either this year as a junior, or next year as a senior.

TRL: Who/what motivated you to start playing tennis?

JB: In fifth grade I was playing football, and I suffered a really bad back injury. I got pulled from football because of this. I needed a fall sport, so me, my brother, and my dad started playing tennis and I have loved the game since.

TRL: What are your goals heading into your junior year?

JB: Get to the regional finals and beat Texas High, who will be our toughest match.

TRL: What are your strengths tennis?

JB: I have a strong first serve, backhand, and I am good at volleys.

TRL: What are some areas that you can improve on in your tennis game?

JB: My top-spin forehand and get to where that is a powerful shot for me.

TRL: Do you have any pre-game rituals or routines?

JB: We have a team chant, which I made up. I get in the middle and after I say something, everyone huddled around me says “fired up”.

TRL: What motivates you to compete hard in tennis?

JB: I love the feeling of getting a win, and I have goals that I feel compelled to complete, like I want to be a tennis super champ, which is recognition for being a great high school tennis player.

TRL: Are you a captain of the tennis team? If so, how do you better the players around you?

JB: I get them pumped up, and when I am playing in a doubles match, I tell my partner to have a short-term memory.

TRL: How has Coach Cherry helped you improve as a player?

JB: He always watches closely to my game, and gives me tactics to improve my game, he also is a good friend and a cool guy.