Sophomore key player: Lizzie Weichel

‘We might not have as much experience, but we still have the grit and determination.’


The Red Ledger: After receiving the Rookie of the Year award last year, do you plan to stick with the tried and true play style of last year or do you have some new tricks up your sleeves?

Lizzie Weichel: I think I’m gonna stick mostly to the tried and true.

TRL: Not many people signed up to be cheerleaders for your team, some of the sophomores even say they’d much rather go back to class than watch the games. How will the lack of support affect your play?

LW: It won’t. Our grade will be behind us the whole time from the stands.

TRL: The junior lineup seems to be one varsity player after another. How are you going to deal with them in the first round?

LW: Last year we had zero experience and we should’ve won. We might not have as much experience, but we still have the grit and determination.

TRL: Your older sister Emily, dubbed the Weichel Washer, won it all last year. Since you guys are both playing quarterback, have you learned some things from how she plays or are you trying to separate yourself from her?

LW: A little bit of both. I’ve learned how to play fast and to try hard from her. I’ve gotta do different things though because our teams are different.

TRL: You were a first round pick in almost every single fantasy Powderpuff league. However, nobody else in your team was a high draft pick. Do you think you’ll have to rely mostly on yourself this year?

LW: They’re underestimating my team. Everyone on the team is good in their own way.