Sophomore head coach: James Rainey

‘I know some secrets, and I’m not afraid to let them go’


The Red Ledger: Your older sister’s team struggled in their tournaments all throughout their years. What makes you think your PP career will be any different?

Jahi Rainey: Well they didn’t have me; it’s simple as that. My sister’s grade had a weak coaching staff, honestly. They didn’t push their players; they took it lightly and I’m taking it seriously. We lost last year, but I think everyone saw that we had talent, but with no one to push them. That’s why I have the clipboard now.

TRL: You’re pretty confident even though you have yet to win a game, how are you going to turn this losing record around?

JR: We’ve been scrimmaging to see what’s out there. The most I can say is: Juniors, be ready.

TRL: With Shani and Jalani, your siblings, being successful athletes, what’s the pressure for you to bring home the W, especially since you’re expected to lose?

JR: It’s very hard because Jalani is living at home now, so I’ll get some heat if we lose. I’m not gonna focus on them though, I’m going to focus on my team. When we win, not if, I will accept the win with pride.

TRL: Kaylee Rekeita, who got some of JoJo McRae’s sweat on herself in last year’s game and now can run a 40 yard dash in four seconds flat, has some high expectations this year. How are you going to keep her in check?

JR: She does have speed, so I’m going to match speed with speed. I’m going to put my fastest player, Jessie Maashio, on her. If that fails, we have an equally fast player who knows how to play defense, Kassidy Litchenburg. Kaylee Rekeita won’t be a threat at all.

TRL: With Bumper Pool losing his cool in last year’s #Meltdown2k15, are you gonna try and get in his head?

JR: Oh yeah, I’m gonna get in Bumper’s head. I know all the ways. I know what he’s thinking. I’ve played football with him, so I know how he thinks, what his dirty moves are. I know some secrets, and I’m not afraid to let them go, so he’s got to be ready.

TRL: Do you think you could get to the finals and see the Weichel vs. Weichel duel of epic proportions the whole world is waiting for?

JR: Yes, it’s my goal to see a sister vs. sister championship.