Senior key player: Emily Weichel

‘We’re just gonna take it one step at a time to win.’


The Red Ledger: You’re going to homecoming with a junior, will there be any hard feelings if the championship gets to be juniors vs. seniors?

Emily Weichel: Well, we’re definitely enemies on the field, but if we pull it out, we should be good for homecoming. Up until then, there’s a little tension in the relationship, but Friday everything should be fine. If anything happens with the juniors though, we may not be going to homecoming.

TRL: Being a PP All-Star, is there any pressure to fall short of expectations?

EW: Definitely a lot of pressure. I’ve heard specifically that (junior quarterback) Callie Mayfield is out to get me, so that’s gonna make it a little tougher, but I plan to exceed expectations as my title of All-Star. Everyone’s out to get me, so we’ll see how that goes.

TRL: Your sophomore sister and quarterback, Lizzie, has often been compared to you. What makes her different from you?

EW: It more comes down to teams and coaching. Blake has a lot of plays that we run and it’s more of a set thing. Lizzie’s team is disorganized, so she kind of has to do whatever in the moment.

TRL: With you having a full ride scholarship with Powderpuff, rumors are that you won’t take this years PP serious. Care to comment?

EW: We’re just gonna take it one step at a time to win. The rumor was probably created from the juniors, definitely (junior coach) Bumper Pool.

TRL: Besides JoJo, who else can you rely on for offense and why?

EW: Mallory Lusby every single play. She’s been to NFL Training Camps this year. Working super-hard, most commentators compare her to Dez Bryant, so she’s definitely a reliable person to throw the ball to. Throw the ball in her direction and she’ll catch it.

TRL: You’re a very successful PP QB, who can you give credit to?

EW: Probably my lifelong quarterback coach and life love, Tom Brady. He taught me everything he knows, including how to win, no matter what it takes. So the coaches might want to check the balls before the game.

TRL: With every team out to get you guys, there’s gotta be some stuff that perhaps has been under the table – trash talking, rumors, etc.

EW: Oh absolutely, there’s a lot of trash talking going around. Especially between us and the juniors. Plus, the other night at home Lizzie actually tried to give me food poisoning to take me out, but I saw it before it happened and was able to avoid that. All I have to say to the juniors is: take a look at what happened last year.