Junior key player: Callie Mayfield

‘I know we have this down.’


The Red Ledger: You and Bumper had some conflict last year, #Meltdown2k15. How has the relationship been since?

Callie Mayfield: We’ve been great, we worked it out right after. I know he was a little mad, which I understand, I was mad at myself too. We’re totally great, I’m really glad that he’s my coach; he’s a great coach.

TRL: Lizzie Weichel was named Rookie of the Year last year, what do you think of the quarterback matchup for your first game?

CM: I’m not worried at all. I haven’t seen her play, but I think she’s really overrated. I know we have this down.

TRL: How do you have confidence to win this year?

CM: I think the scrimmage will help us. Some of our girls haven’t played Powderpuff yet, so I think it’s really gonna show them what it’s gonna be like and help them have a little more experience so they know what they’re doing.

TRL: Sophomore head coach James Rainey talked big about his defense. Do you think the pressure will get to you?

CM: No not at all. I know he talks big, but I also heard from some of the seniors who scrimmaged them that their defense is really weak. Apparently, the seniors scored a bunch of touchdowns on them, so I think he’s all talk and no game. 

TRL: You threw a key interception of 2015 Super Bowl level proportions in last year’s game against the current seniors. If you get to face the seniors again, what makes you think it won’t happen again?

CM: I think I got a little nervous, so it got to me, but coming into this year I know what it’s gonna be like. I have had more experience from last year, and I’ve been practicing some so I’m not worried at all that it’s gonna happen. I know we all make mistakes, but we’ll recover fine, if that does happen.

TRL: Do you think your relationship with a senior will be conflicted if both grades are met in the championship?

CM: No not at all. I know we joke about it some, but he can root for the seniors. I know that’s who he’s rooting for. If anything, I just want to show all the seniors, including him, how we’re better and how we’re gonna go out and win.