Junior head coach: Bumper Pool

‘With our organization this year, it’ll be an easy win.’


The Red Ledger: You took a pretty close loss last year against the seniors. How are you gonna beat them this year?

Bumper Pool: It’s gonna be easy. We’re just gonna do what we do. We’re better than them. With our organization this year, it’ll be an easy win.

TRL: Last year’s game saw #Meltdown2k15 between you and quarterback Callie Mayfield. How’s that been addressed?

BP: It came straight out of love for Callie. She’s a great athlete, you know. Sometimes, as athletes, we make mistakes and we have to get coached up on that. I know this year she won’t make that same mistake. It could be the difference between a win and a loss.

TRL: I talked to James Rainey, head sophomore coach, and he said he knows the ins and outs of your coaching style. What do you have to say about that?

BP: I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about. He’s a good kid, but not a smart kid.

TRL: This preseason, any ball Kaylee Rekeita touched ended up in the endzone. However, sophomore head coach James Rainey said he’s gonna stop her using one of his fastest players, Jessie Maashio. How will you deal with their defense?

BP: They’re not gonna know where she’s at. We’re gonna move around the field every play. It’s not a one dimensional offense. We have other girls that can step up. There’s more than one girl they’ll have to worry about.

TRL: Analyst have some high predictions for your brother, freshman head coach Harper Pool, but others say the only thing you have in common is looks. What do you think of your brother’s capabilities?

BP: I know that he’s a well-raised kid from a good family. He has good support around him, especially his brother. He knows the game, but I have the upper hand. I haven’t taught him all my tricks.

TRL: Do you think there’s gonna be any brother-on-brother spying?

BP: We won’t do any spying, but I think he has a chance to upset the seniors. I know it’s a bold prediction, but I have faith in him.

TRL: If you make it to the championship against the seniors, how do you plan to stop JoJo McRae, who has had to switch numbers so Jerry Jones can’t keep calling her about playing for the Cowboys?

BP: We have some things planned on defense that I can’t talk about right now. She’s a good player, but we’ll be ready for her.

TRL: Any final thoughts?

BP: We’re excited and we have a great chance to win.