Analyst Report: Ray Cooper

‘[The seniors] will have their work cut out for them’

Ray Cooper, Guest Contributor

After much research, deliberation, soul searching, and the gluttonous consumption of two packages of double-stuffed Oreo cookies, I am glad to announce my prediction of a senior class ultimate victory in this Thursday’s Powderpuff games.

There! I said it! It was not an easy decision to come to, given the stiff competition that they will be facing from the rising power of the junior class Powderpuff team led by coaches Nick Garcia, Landon McDermott, and LOJO football legend, Bumper Pool.  Not an easy decision at all, but a decision that makes sense.

Here’s my thinking:

The senior team has many Powderpuff veterans returning this year, and they are still riding the wave of the 48-26 flogging they so skillfully administered to the Senior Class of 2016’s team in last year’s championship game.

Here are some of the most notable players on the Senior Team that will be bring their brand of shock and awe to the playing field this Thursday: Quarterback JoJo McRae, running back Carolyn Murad, free safety Emily Weichel, halfback Kennedy Miller, fullback Jensyn Caton, shortstop Mikala Davidson, wide receiver Taylor Dunagan, cornerback Kallie Killingsworth, power forward Natalie Frauenheim, goalkeeper Mallory Lusby, and defensive tackle Kylee Ramos.

Also returning is the senior class’s coaching staff which is comprised of veteran varsity football players Blake Pfaff, Steven Prudhomme, and Beau Hancock. They will have their work cut out for them as they match wits and strategies against the junior coaches’ organized system, pace of play, and passion to win, but in the end Coach Hancock’s dominating defense, along with Coach Pfaff’s and Coach Prudhomme’s electric offense are both sure to be major factors contributing to the senior class’s upcoming victory this Thursday.

All the above factors equal a senior victory!