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Mock trial seeking new team members


Courtesy of regonline.com

Mock Trial will have its first competition in January, but they are seeking new members now.

Anna Stockton, Staff Reporter

Despite the cold temperature of the Dallas courtroom, junior Polly Roth remembers beads of sweat collecting on her forehead as she prepared to address the jury. She remembers pacing across the court, legs shaking as she moved to stand in front of the witness. More than anything, she remembers the feeling of triumph as she delivered the words that would soon render the prosecution’s case useless.

“As a lawyer, there’s always one question you ask the witness where it just gets the point across, it decimates the other side’s case, and it really makes your team stand out,” Roth said. “When you get that question out and you get the answer you want, it’s the best feeling.”  

That feeling is what Roth, as mock trial team co-captain, hopes to pass on to other students as the team searches for new members. The club, whose practices will be held Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m. in the Lecture Hall, is opening its doors to students curious about the ins and outs of court proceedings.

“We get a court case every year and we have lawyers and witnesses,” junior and team captain Brandon Su said. “We prepare both sides’ defense and prosecution. Basically, we act out that fake trial in an actual court in front of a judge and an actual jury.”

One position the team is in need of filling is the attorney. There are three attorneys for every round.

“They can either be for the defense, the plaintiff, or the prosecution, depending on if it’s a criminal or civil case,” coach Homa Lewis said.

Mock trial provides a unique opportunity for students who want to be lawyers to “learn court etiquette, how to ask questions, and basics like that,” Roth said. However, the team is also in need of witnesses, which is a role that may appeal to students who love to perform.

“It’s kind of interesting to play around with legal concepts, but it’s great for people who are actors, who can assume a role,” Lewis said. “It’s a different activity than most students are used to.”

Captains of the team are encouraging those who know little about the court of law to stop by, because no prior experience is required. Potential members only need a willingness to learn.  

“If you attend the meeting, it puts you on our radar,” Roth said. “We do a lot of scrimmages throughout the year before the competition, which is how we see whether or not you will ultimately make the mock trial team.”

Along with interacting through practices, the team often gets together after school or on the weekends to hang out together outside of their work time.

“I always look forward to meetings and mock trial, but we’re a group of friends too,” Roth said. “Last year, we often went to lunch or went to the lake. I just love interacting with all the people and getting to go to the competitions. All the work we put into it is finally worth it.”

The team members said they hope to see many new faces on the coming Wednesday mornings before the big competition in January.
“I’m really looking forward to this year’s competition and seeing how this year turns out,” Roth said. “We lost a lot of seniors last year, so I really hope we get a good newcomer turnout.”