Featured Athlete: Rachel Langs

'I think our team has a lot of talent on it and that we have another chance of getting to state.'


Carter Bryant

Varsity volleyball player and Clemson commit, Rachel Langs, is hopeful for the upcoming leopard season.

Carter Bryant, Staff Reporter


Name: Rachel Langs

Height: 6’3”

Position: Middle blocker

Committed to: Clemson University

Key Stat: Currently leading the teams in number blocks


Morning workouts or afternoon? Morning

Favorite pre-game food: What ever they provide

What’s your favorite pre-game song or artist: Our warm-up music


The Red Ledger: How long have you been playing volleyball?

Rachel Langs: I’ve played since the fourth grade, I believe.

TRL: What made you want to play the sport?

RL: I got into it and liked it even more once I started playing more. Also, my older sister Sarah played and she enjoyed it.

TRL: Tell me about how you recently committed to Clemson.

RL: I committed there in July. After nationals, I went on a visit because they had been recruiting me and I just really liked it there. The campus is beautiful and the coaches are super nice, they are husband and wife, so it has a family feel.

TRL: How did your parents react to the news?

RL: They were really happy and super proud of me. I’m just really happy because I love volleyball and now that I get to play in college.

TRL: What coaches help you most or made the biggest impact on you?

RL: I would say Jason Nicholson. He has taught me a lot and impacted my volleyball experience. He help me through the whole recruiting process and also my club coach [Rahn Michael] from this year helped me grow a lot as player and become more experienced.

TRL: Being a serious athlete, what is hardest thing about being expected to play well?

RL: I would say since our program has had a lot of success these last couple years, we our always expected to do well and last year getting second at state was kind of a big let down for everyone. But if you think about it, just making playoffs is a big deal.

TRL: What is the toughest game you ever played?

RL: I would say that state game because we wanted to win really bad obviously. We went to five sets so it was a really close game and the last score was like 15-13.

TRL: How did your older sister, Sarah Langs, react to the news of your commitment?

RL: She was so excited for me. She and my parents were super-proud and excited they were just really happy for me that I found the school I wanted to go to, that is good education-wise and I can play volleyball.

TRL: What do you look forward to most this season of volleyball?

RL: I think our team has a lot of talent on it and that we have another chance of getting to state. That’s something to motivate us all to push for and hopefully winning a state title for this year.