Featured Athlete: Anthony Vogel

‘It’s good to be part of a team. It also helps me stay in line and keep me in check.’


Kelsey Carroll

Senior receiver Anthony Vogel tries to get open for sophomore quarterback Carson Collins during the Tom Landry Classic game against Argyle.

Matthew Fisher, Staff Reporter


NameAnthony Vogel

Sport: Football

Position: Wide receiver

Height: 6-foot-4

Key StatCatching a touchdown in the 2015 playoffs against Terrell


Favorite football player: Aaron Rodgers

Favorite football team: Dallas Cowboys

Game preparation: Listen to music that pumps him up

Favorite Pre-Game meal: Spaghetti from Two Rows


The Red Ledger: What sacrifices have you made for your sport?

Anthony Vogel: I’ve had to wake up early before school and stay late after working on my game.

TRL: Why do you play football?

AV: It’s good to be part of a team. It also helps me stay in line and keep me in check.

TRL: If you were to start your career over, what would you do differently and why?

AV: I’d probably work harder in the beginning. I started out slow and didn’t really push myself to the limit and it made a disadvantage.

TRL: What do you do to push yourself to the limit?

AV: I just do the best of my abilities and don’t back down from any challenges. I tell myself that practices are where you get better and that you’re going to make mistakes. 

TRL: Have you ever had any setbacks?

AV: I had an injury sophomore year and was lucky it wasn’t too bad. I was backup from 8th grade to 10th, so I didn’t get that much experience.

TRL: Who have you played with that you work well with and why?

AV: I really like my coach this year, Coach Williams. Carson’s a really good quarterback for us; we can help him out since we’re older. I got to know him before he moved up to varsity so we built a good relationship.

TRL: Have you ever mentally been discouraged and what have you done to get out of that?

AV: Yeah, there are times in practice where I get real tired and some teammates think that maybe this isn’t for me. I just think that the days will get better and that if I improve, I’ll get to see myself grow. Pretty much the Friday nights are what I play for.