Chemistry matches up for state tennis tournament

Joe Vastano, Staff Reporter

Senior Cole Bennett and sophomore Daniela Benigno will compete in the 5A State Tennis Tournament as a mixed doubles team on May 17 in College Station. The pair qualified for the tournament after placing second at regionals in April.

Bennett and Benigno said they work well together which has helped them as a team in big matches and tournaments.

“The chemistry is really good between us,” Bennett said. “[Daniela is] really solid from the baseline which allows me to put away balls at the net. We get along really well, and we both keep each other relaxed on the court which is important in big matches.”

The two have only been a team since February, Benigno said, but they have found success as they advanced to state.

Doubles tennis is a game of chemistry, with Daniela and Cole countering each other’s games so when it comes match time, they are the perfect team.

“The greatest achievement for me this season was qualifying for the state tournament [with Cole],” Benigno said.

Bennett talked about the pair’s expectations in College Station.

“Obviously, our goal is to win state which I think we have a good opportunity to do,” Bennett said. “Our goal from the beginning has always been to make state and we are really honored to be going.”

Benigno is only a sophomore with two years of tennis left, but Bennett graduates next week and will attend Texas A&M University and plans to stay involved with the sport.

“After high school I will give a lot of lessons to younger kids and help coach some of our summer programs,” Bennett said. “I also plan to play intramurals at Texas A&M next year.”