School receives Snapchat filter


Kevin Davis

2015 alumni Garron Weeks recently designed a Snapchat geofilter that can be used in close proximity to the school.

Carson Buckner, Staff Reporter

Snapchat geofilters are filters on the popular picture messaging app Snapchat that come up on students’ phones whenever they are in a certain area, or as Snapchat puts it, “Geofilters are location based overlays that users can apply to their Snaps.” The filters are unique to an area and are submitted by people from the specified location.

The school recently got its own geofilter, submitted by 2015 alumni, Garron Weeks. It took some work and a little bit of inspiration to make the filter.

“After seeing so many geofilters out there, I figured I’d make some for local places that I know of that don’t have one yet,” Weeks said.

Although some companies have to pay top dollar for filters to be put on Snapchat’s app in the form of ads, common users can submit filters for free like Weeks did.

Garron created the image for the filter in photoshop and had to follow certain guidelines set out by Snapchat, such as having to plot out the area that the geofilter will come up in and having to save the image as a transparent PNG file.

“Response only took about a week,” Weeks said.

For the most part, students are excited about the filter.

“I think it’s actually pretty cool,” junior Leta Sullivan said. “It works best in the library.”