Leopard Look: Braden Smotherman

‘Band is my family and I couldn’t imagine college without it.’


Stu Mair

Braden Smotherman was one of the drum majors during the band’s recent marching show, “Chasing Shadows”.

Carson Buckner, Staff Reporter

At a Glance:

Jelly or Jam: Jelly

Goldfish or Whales: Goldfish

Bacon, Grits, or Sausage: Bacon

Spongebob or Patrick: Patrick


Looking Deeper:

The Red Ledger: How did you get involved in Lovejoy Band?

Braden Smotherman: I moved here my sophomore year and started summer band, August 1st, the day the moving truck arrived.

TRL: How long have you been conducting?

BS: I’ve been a drum major for two years. I moved to Lovejoy my sophomore year and

auditioned at the end of my first season here.

TRL: What is it like being at the front and center of the entire band?

BS: It has been a strange experience unlike any other I have had. I stepped onto the podium daily in a state of prayer with the intent of my position glorifying God rather than myself. The position has produced trials, but through them I’ve found endurance in my faith.

TRL: Are you going to continue band in college?

BS: Yes, I’ll participate in the marching band of my future university. Band is my family and I couldn’t imagine college without it.

TRL: What other activities do you do outside of band?

BS: I’m an active member of youth group and I’ve had the opportunity to speak twice in a ministry setting and it has been cool to see my leadership gifts transfer to furthering the kingdom in that way.

TRL: What’re you looking forward to after graduating?

BS: I’m looking forward to a new adventure at a place that is brand new to me. It brings opportunity for new relationships and growth.

TRL: What was your best experience as a student at LHS?

BS: My favorite memories involved the marching field. Seeing hours of hard work pay off as the student section cheered for the half time performance was always my favorite.

TRL: Looking back at high school, what is one thing you would change if you could?

BS: It’d be nice if the bathrooms of the school had water pressure and toilet paper. Other than that, Lovejoy has been pretty great.

TRL: How have you changed throughout your years at LHS?

BS: I’ve learned a lot from teachers who truly care about their students. There is more to students than grades and I’m thankful for those in my life who have shown that.