The living dead of Lovejoy

Students that were selected to represent the victims had their faces grayed out with makeup and wore black shirts, giving them a ghoulish appearance.

Stu Mair, Photography Editor

What is the true impact of drunk driving? This is the question a student council program, “Day of the Living Dead,” aimed to answer on April 5. Every 15 minutes throughout the day, a student was pulled out of their class. This was designed to represent the statistic that “every fifteen minutes someone dies from an alcohol related incident,” as was displayed on the sheets worn by the selected students.

These students were made to look like ghouls, walking among students that day, silent, as a reminder of what can happen when people choose to drink and drive. Twenty-nine people were chosen by the grim reaper throughout the day and stood in the commons after school, displaying what can happen in the time of a single school day.