Ladies take the lead

The second annual western themed Sadie Hawkins dance will be held in Feb. to raise funds for prom


Taylor Bravo

Last year was the first Sadie Hawkins dance. The prom committee came up with the western theme dance to raise money for prom and it will occur again in 2016.

Madeline Campbell, Staff Reporter

The sophomore class will be hosting the second annual Sadie Hawkins dance to raise funds for the 2017 junior prom. The dance will be hosted on Feb. 27 from 7-10 p.m. Tickets are on sale at the school store and pre-orders for t-shirts start this week.

Sadie Hawkins dances are unique because the girls are the ones who invite the boys to the dance. This year, there will be a line dance instructor teaching the students western dances. The committee is aiming for attendance to reach 120 as they had 80 participants last year.

“Sadie Hawkins refers to a western theme so we wanted to make it the same as last year pretty much,” sophomore class president and Sadie Hawkins organizer Kate Morgan said. “A lot of people said they had fun last year, and a lot of people also wished that they had come because they heard that it was a lot of fun, so we thought we would replicate it.”