Race against the clock

Speaker Mike Smith to teach on time management via video


Stu Mair

For many students, time management is a daily struggle. To help counteract this, the school will present a video from speaker Mike Smith on Friday.

Nick Smith, Staff Reporter

Editor’s note: For one student’s personal advice for time management, check out Julia Vastano’s column.

Monday night. The heavy bookbag produces a loud “thunk” as it hits the floor, foretelling the amount of work for the night ahead. The school day has finished, but the school night is just beginning.

As the books, folders, and papers are taken out of the backpack, the motivation to begin the laborious hours ahead is unpacked as well. The distractions of the phone, computer, and television slowly awaken and beckon to be entered. As they are activated, time seems to quicken its pace.

Time flies by, but the school work sits, undisturbed. Finally, furious effort takes open as the clock makes the change from p.m. to a.m.

A new day has started when the work is finally completed with barely legible handwriting. The bed’s sheets are barely wrinkled as it becomes inhabited for a few hours before the sun rises.

This evening charade occurs nightly in students’ homes across the country as a lack of motivation to complete homework after school and the pull of procrastination leads to lost hours that were meant for school work.

With time management becoming an increasingly crucial skill for high school students, the administration will present a video from speaker Mike Smith on Friday, Jan. 15, during fourth period, to teach students how time management can help with stress levels as well as grades.

Smith advertises himself on his website as a speaker, consultant, and ambassador that “can positively change the culture of your school, business, or brand.” The website also features the businesses Smith has provided his services for such as Red Bull, State Farm, Special Olympics, Puma, and Ted-X.

Junior Brandon Merrill said he saw Smith speak last fall.

“He first gave his testimony and his life story sort of deal, and then moved on to what he is doing now,” Merrill said. “He owns a couple of nonprofits that are all about empowering individuals to take a stand and change something you are passionate about. The message was really to take an interest and work towards that.”

Senior Tate Thompson first saw Smith in April of her sophomore year where she was attending a state student council conference where Smith talked about the effects individuals have on those around them.

“My first impression of Smith was that he was like all of the other speakers I’ve heard before,” Thompson said. “His story was so unique though, and he somehow spoke in a way that made his comments stick with me.”

Junior Sophie Heran also first saw Smith at a Student Council Convention in October where he had a similar speech.

“Mike started out talking about his life, the good and bad times,” Heran said. “From when he was a little skater dude to his life now as a founder of nonprofits , inspirational speaker, and ‘TV show’ producer. He told us to live out of the kindness of our hearts and to always think about others. Mike’s speech was incredible and I can’t wait for Lovejoy students to experience his story.”