Theatre to host a “Night with the Stars”


Nicole Genrich

Theatre will be hosting a gala that will include food and alumni’s speeches about the history of the theatre program.

Nicole Genrich, Staff Reporter

“A Night With The Stars” is the theme set for the theatre gala which will mark the 10th year anniversary of the high school’s theatre program and celebrate the achievements and successes of the students, and alumni and their supportive family members.

“We have been planning this event since August and selecting the venue, decor, linens and food to match the theme,” event coordinator Cecilia Vaughn said.

The event will take place on Jan. 2 at 7:30 p.m. at the El Dorado Country Club. Tickets are $35 and will be available by Dec. 18.

“I’m excited to celebrate 10 years of great theatrical work,” theatre teacher Jessica Brewster said.

This is a semi-formal gala where guests can expect to have a fun-filled night to include dinner, a photo booth and a DJ.

“I think it will be really interesting to see the alumni and the history of the theatre program at the Gala,” theatre student Audrey Edwards said. “I’m also excited to reminisce about shows that we have done in the past and memories we have from those productions.”