Editorial: A toast to the community

From sports supporters to new businesses and wide open spaces, there are many reasons to give thanks

The Red Ledger Staff

Today across America people sit down and share a meal with family and friends to rejoice in their bounty of blessings. A toast for the ability to gather for a Thanksgiving meal, and a prayer for another fair year ahead will be raised. Those in our district have some additional blessings to be thankful for and some of those don’t always get the recognition they deserve. On this day of thanks, The Red Ledger reflects on the unique gifts which have blessed our community.

The Lovejoy student section at sporting events, dubbed The Jungle, has had an upsurge in support since it’s revival by the Class of 2015. Athletes and fans alike can appreciate this aspect of community because it unites and builds a sense of belonging for any student who would like to join.

Though Lovejoy High School is only six years old, the library has had a long reputation as a hang-out spot: a place to talk, eat lunch and charge your phones. However, this year that is all changing. The library has had an influx of books and resources to benefit students, with special thanks to new librarian Emma McDonald.

Everyone from teachers to students can be spotted with a red Christmas cup courtesy of the Starbucks on West Lucas Road, especially in the colder months. While it may be cliche, it seems the community can unanimously agree that this new addition to local commerce is definitely a reason to give thanks.

Many students have ironically complained about the lack of symmetry the high school has had ever since the addition to D Hall was made. This complaint will soon be long forgotten, as an addition of classrooms and resources are being added as an extension of B Hall.  

To get to the high school from Stacy Road, one must pass an extensive portion of land known as Celebration Park.  From a place to eat lunch on a school field trip, to a soccer arena, to a place to celebrate America at the Fourth of July Celebration, the Park has become a catch-all for community events. Just ask the cross country team, who can be spotted there almost any time of year running around the grassy oasis. The Lovejoy community has a unique outdoor place many others do not have the privilege of having.

The few times it snows in North Texas, the residents take full advantage of it. Fortunately, Lovejoy has many places to go sledding due to the unusual geography for the area. Sloan Creek Intermediate School has great hills that are a popular place for kids in the community to meet to sled on those icy days. It is important for kids to have a safe, fun and accessible place to enjoy snow days.

As one drives through the zip codes in the school district, it is often noted that there is an abundance of horses and cows. Though they often fade into the background, this is a unique gift of our community that can put a smile on any passerby’s face.