Student council honors veterans


Jillian Sanders

To honor those who have served, student council hosted a banquet Monday night in the commons for Veterans Day.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

To demonstrate their gratitude, student council hosted a Veteran’s Day banquet on Monday, Nov. 9th for anyone in the community.

The banquet was held in the commons at 6 p.m., and was an opportunity for people who have had similar experiences to come together.

“During this banquet our main goal was to show them our appreciation for what they have done, but we also wanted to give them this experience where they can share their stories,” senior Tate Thompson said.

Planning for this event had been in progress for many weeks.

“We have been trying to plan this event for a long time, we hope it will be very successful and that everyone can come together and have a good time eating and talking,” sophomore Leighton Etchieson said.

For further Veterans Day activities, the city of McKinney is hosting a sundown service on Veterans Day to honor those who have served in their Memorial Park. Admission is free.