Supergirl not so super


Courtesy of IMDb

Superman has some competition after the creation of CBS's new show Supergirl.

Patrick Compton, Staff Reporter

After the massive success of shows such as “Arrow” and “The Flash”, it was only natural for DC and Warner Bros to develop a new show based on one of their characters, which brings us to “Supergirl”.

This show had it rough from the start with the first trailer being met with with mixed, at best, reactions. However make no mistake, the show itself is not as bad as the trailer made it out to be, but it’s also not great. Unlike last year’s “The Flash” premiere, “Supergirl” leaves a lot to be desired in terms of writing, effects and characters.

This pilot seems to be more concerned with reminding us that Supergirl is female rather than set up an interesting series. Certain characters are stock and are not very interesting, the effects are sometimes pretty poor and at other times are rather well done for television. The costumes come off as cheap and are uninteresting to look at with the exception of Supergirl’s. The pacing in this episode is extremely fast leaving the audience with little time to absorb what has happened.

Thankfully, there are some good things in this series. Melissa Benoist is very likeable and fun to watch as Supergirl, the supporting cast all look like they’re having fun. There’s also plenty of fanservice in here to please any comic book reader.

The show does promise a lot of great things to come, but this pilot definitely needed some work if they wanted to draw people in from the start. It would be best to give the show at least two more episodes before deciding whether or not to keep watching, but as of now it’s best to just reserve Monday night superhero show time for “Gotham”.