Library hosts Teen Reads Week


Stu Mair

The school library will be hosting Teen Read Week through the American Library Association. The week will include lunch in the library, trivia night, and several giveaways.

Nick Smith, Staff Reporter

The school library is hosting a Teen Reads Week in collaboration with the American Library  Association to promote reading with teens. The event is ongoing during the week of Monday, Oct. 19 to Friday Oct. 23. The theme of the week is to “Get Away at Your Library!” by escaping the stresses of school and life in immersive stories and novels.

The week will feature a one-time-only lunch in the library, a trivia contest, and a contest among all students to complete activities and win prizes.

Monday, students are encouraged to eat in the library during their lunch for a one-time only-event where the library will also be revealing new books. Wednesday after school will feature a trivia contest in the library where the winner will receive a $20 Cinemark gift card.

Teen Reads Week also features an ongoing contest during the week amongst students to earn points by completing certain reading related activities. The top two students who score the most points by the end of Friday will win a gift card ranging from $5-$20 to locations that include Starbucks, Sonic, Chick-Fil-A, iTunes, Subway, and Cinemark. Students can turn in their points to the librarians who will keep a track of all students’ points.

“We count all the points up at the end of the day, around 3:30 p.m.,” Library Media Specialist Emma McDonald said. “I will post the results on the library twitter as well as the Red Ledger. Students can also head to the library at the end of the day where I will have the results on the windows.”

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