Featured Athlete: Grant Tiff

‘You can always push yourself to be better.’

Joe Vastano, Staff Reporter


Sport: Cross Country

Height: 5’11”

Experience: 5 years

Key stat: 5k personal record: 16:18

Favorite Course: Texas Relays in Austin


TRL: What is your favorite food to eat before a meet?

GT: My favorite food to eat before a meet is a turkey sandwich and a Cliff Bar.

TRL: What is your favorite pump up song?

GT: I actually don’t listen to songs to get pumped up, I just try to relax.

TRL: What is your favorite quote?

GT: “Run happy, run long,” – Greg Christensen

TRL: What are three words to describe you?

GT: Relaxed, Dedicated, Faithful.

TRL: Who do you look up to as a role model?

GT: My role model in life would be my Aunt Cheryl, she has had a pretty tough time regarding health and has hours of treatment each week, but still remains strong and positive through it all.

TRL: What do you want to be when you grow up?

GT: I am not sure what I want to be when I grow up yet, but I would like to continue to be a compassionate person.


The Red Ledger: What are your pre meet rituals?

Grant Tiff: Before a meet, I make sure that I get to bed pretty early, and then in the morning I put my uniform on and just listen to music.

TRL: What do you do before the start of every meet?

GT: Before the start of the meet, I mostly just try to relax and not exert much of my energy.

TRL: What is your best time that you have ever run in a meet?

GT: The best time that I have ever run in a meet for a 5k is 16:18

TRL: What do you like about running?

GT: The thing I like most about running is that it is a sport that is always challenging; you can always push yourself to be better.

TRL: What’s your favorite meet that you have ever run in?

GT: My favorite meet that I have been to was Texas Relays at UT in Austin, which was a really big track meet where we could also see many professionals race.

TRL: Have any schools been looking at you yet?

GT: I have gotten a few letters from colleges, but nothing serious yet because I’m still a junior.

TRL: When did you decide you wanted to become a cross country/ track runner?

GT: I first decided to become a cross country/ track runner in middle school when some people told me they thought that I would be good at running.

TRL: As a runner, who would you compare yourself to?

GT: As a runner, I compare myself to Leo Manzano, because of his positive outlook on life, his never-ending passion for running, and his desire to become his best.