TCU to gain Leopard outside hitter


Stu Mair

Like many Leopard volleyball players before her, senior Avery Arellano has committed to play volleyball at TCU.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

High school sports are known for long nights, exhaustion, and priceless memories; but as senior year comes around the corner, many students’ sports careers come to an abrupt end. However, for senior Avery Arellano, this is not the case. In fall of 2016 she will be attending Texas Christian University with a scholarship for volleyball.

“I committed to TCU because they are a great, new program and I am always looking for any opportunity to be a part of a fresh, building team,” Arellano said. “I am very thankful I got a scholarship because it is expensive to attend college and I get an amazing education out of it.”

Her teammates feel almost as excited for her.

“I am so happy for her to have this amazing opportunity,” sophomore varsity volleyball player Rachel Langs said. “Playing for Lovejoy has given us all the opportunity to be noticed by major colleges.”

In addition to her busy athletic schedule at school, Arellano also plays beach volleyball on the weekends.

“I only play indoor for the school, but I do practice beach volleyball on the weekends,” Arellano said. “It helps me keep in shape and helps keep my game tempo in line with all the other girls on the team.”

Varsity head coach Jason Nicholson said he approved of the double duty for Arellano

“This is a neat situation with the whole beach concept,” Nicholson said. “It’s a family affair for them because she has grown up around the game.”

Arellano credited the school volleyball program as a large factor in her success.

“Playing for our school has helped me a lot because it has played a part in getting me recognized, even in the outdoor world many teams and coaches know that we won state,” Arellano said. “It has brought me a good record and an outstanding reputation playing for our school. I am very lucky to have had such a good coach throughout my high school career and I really like my college coach as well.”

Arellano said she is optimistic about her future and what lies ahead not only for her athletic career, but her academic career as well.

“For now my plans are to excel in the volleyball program at TCU, as well as keeping up with beach volleyball in my spare time,” Arellano said. “Regarding academics, my plan is to get a degree. Although I have not decided what to study, I know that I will receive an excellent education regardless of my decision.”