Just go with it

New Improv Club sets to perfect the art of impromptu acting


Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

Students and staff will be joining the Improv Club members and advisor Jessica Brewster for some laughter at their events throughout the year. This new club will have their practices every Thursday at 6 p.m. to prepare for their unscripted performances.

“The Improv Club is like this really cool group of people who make jokes and puns,” junior Trace Glorioso said. “We are going to perform scenes without a scripts, everything comes on the fly and everything that we say comes to our heads while on stage.”

Glorioso said the members of the club were chosen by audition. Senior Durin Baron said that there are 10 members in the group, plus two tech members who can also fill in as backups.

“Basically Ms. Brewster would just call out random questions and we would have to respond as quickly as possible,” Glorioso said. “I hope a bunch of people will come watch us because we think that we’re really funny.”

One member thinks it will be a promising year ahead due to the newness and laughter the group brings.

“We will be doing several performances that are available to anyone at the school to come watch,” sophomore Vinny Horlock said. “In preparation for these events we will be meeting once a week to discuss improv and do improv games.”

Baron said the club is a great way to meet new people.

“I am very excited for the club this year,” Baron said. “I did it in my last school and it was a great way to meet new people that have some of the same interest as I do.”