Prom committee to host Ping Pong Tournament

Nick Smith, Staff Reporter

Homecoming may still be fresh on the minds of students, but the planning for Prom 2016 is in full swing. The prom committee, consisting of student council juniors, has organized a doubles ping pong tournament in order to raise funds for prom that will ultimately lower student ticket prices.

The tournament will take place this Thursday, Oct. 8, at 6:30-8:30 p.m. in the school commons. Interested ping pong players can sign up at the school store for $20. Anyone who wants to watch the tournament must pay $2 at the door. Sign-ups for the tournament began on Monday, September 28 and end Monday, October 5 at 4:15 pm.

Tables and equipment for the event will be provided, however extra tables, paddles, and balls will be beneficial. Winners of the tournament will win two free tickets to prom each.

“The main goal of the tournament is to fundraise for prom and have fun.” junior Ellie Hager said. “Even if you don’t think you will win and get free tickets, you should still sign up to contribute to making prom awesome and to have a good time.”