My flat perspective

A cardboard cutout of Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi gives his two cents on life at school


Stu Mair

As students walk into Mrs. Anderson’s classroom, they are daily greeted by Dr. Who’s Peter Capaldi.

Katie Felton, Staff Reporter

Everyday I’m on the wall, watching everyone in the B hall.

Life is so big and three dimensional, while I’m here stuck on the wall with sticky tack on my back living my flat life.

This job is different than what I usually do, but I like it. I’m used to being on set and being the star of the show.

No one really acknowledges me here on the wall and they don’t freak out when they see me. Well, except for the very few who actually know who I am.

In case you were wondering, I am the Doctor, and I am biding my time, waiting until an alien race tries to take over this school.

I’ve learned to notice little things about the human race to keep myself entertained as I wait for my next job.

I enjoy watching all the students go to class, and I think it’s funny how some of them run because they are very concerned about being there on time. Others take their time and don’t really care at all.

I get rather sad when Cheryl Anderson closes the door, because then I can’t hear what she and the hormonal humans are talking about in the classroom.

But then the world brightens up and I can see everything a lot clearer because the door is not right on my face.

The Spanish room across the hall is really interesting, and I like reading the sign on the door. I am working on learning some Spanish while I am here.

Upstairs there is another like me, a cutout of a creature from another dimension. I believe his name is Gollum, and he lives in Jasen Eairhart’s room.

I haven’t met him but I already know he’s not as cool as me. Although I do wish he would move downstairs so I can have someone to talk to.

Sometimes I hear him singing. He’s not good.

The weekends are my favorite because I can come up with theoretical inventions or concepts, however I am learning from the humans that it is also nice to sleep all day on Saturday.

There’s usually no one here to bother me but occasionally some teachers come in my hall and wake me up. I don’t understand their thought process. Why would someone want to come in on their day off?

When all the students come back to school on Monday, they are all so grouchy and mean.

It’s depressing.

I have made names for the some of the students that pass by everyday, and I would say what they are but that would take a long time and some of them aren’t that nice.

I would say my life on this wall is pretty routine and while others think it is boring I think it’s the best job I have ever had.

Although I am learning a lot about myself and this planet here, I would like to get back to my hectic life as the doctor, traveling through time and space, seeing the stars, and saving the world on a daily basis.

But for now I’m stuck here on this wall in B hall.