Cold shoulders

Icy new recovery technique gains popularity among athletes


Courtesy of Twitter

Quarterback Bowman Sells takes a turn at Cyrofit to recover from football season training.

Kevin Davis, Staff Reporter

As nitrogen fog covers their field of vision and the temperatures drop to 150 degrees below zero, the athletes rush out of the chambers to warm their bodies as quickly as possible. Although this may seem unpleasant, CryoFit and NormaTec therapy has become a necessary part of an injured athlete’s route to recovery.

Due to the spreading of news and rise in popularity for the new technique, community parents Clint and DeAnna Chamberlin have opened Texas CryoFit off of Greenville road in Allen.  

“For me getting older, my recovery from working out time was getting worse and worse,” Clint said. “So when I started doing it, my recovery time got cut in half.”

The inspiration behind opening the facility was that freshman Jake Chamberlin used CryoFit to recover from dual sports in the winter and summer. Having a facility in the Lovejoy and Allen area was also an important part aspect of the business venture.

“We have a son that’s going to be a freshman at Lovejoy that is summer and winter dual sports,” DeAnna said. “He was going to cryo twice a week at a farther location, and it was something that was benefiting him, and we wanted something that could be utilized by both Allen and Lovejoy.”

CryoFit recovery is meant to help athletes recover by reducing swelling and soreness. The athlete steps into a chamber with temperatures below minus 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The science behind the systems is centered around blood flow through the body.

“The cryo therapy is very similar to what an ice bath would do for you, except for a little bit more so,” Clint said. “It is going to help with the inflammation or soreness on your body. From hits, weight training, running, whatever it is, your body starts to inflame and get sore. Cryo will take the inflammation down.”

However, one thing that it can not help with is the actual healing of injuries.

“The other thing that it is going to do is it is going to help your blood flow,” Clint said. “It’s going to help with injuries. Now, what it won’t do, for instance, I had a torn rotator cuff. It’s not going to fix that. Now, it is going to reduce the pain and help movement, but it’s never going to fix it.”

The other part of the recovery is the NormaTec aspect. During NormaTec recovery, the patient’s body is compressed by air similar to getting blood pressure taken.

“NormaTec is more for blood flow,” Clint said. “It opens up your blood vessels to help the blood flow better throughout your body, which in return helps your body heal quicker.”

Local athletes have been very impressed with the results from the NormaTec and Cryofit recovery.

“I like how quick the effects are,” sophomore Bumper Pool said. “I get in the machine and I am feeling better three minutes later. Then the leg sleeves really work through my muscles and feels great.”