Kids take 101 Dalmatians

Haley Brown, Contributing Writer

Elementary school students will take part in 101 Dalmatians Kids, this year’s annual kids camp show July 6-17 from 9 a.m. until 12 p.m with a free performance for friends and family at 1 p.m. on Friday, July 17 at Willow Springs Middle School.

The camp has been a tradition for more than four years and is something the community has asked for.

“There is a desire in the elementary grades for a theatre program and this type of camp offered at Lovejoy,” theatre director Jessica Brewster said. “The purpose is twofold; to serve the community needs and build our program at the high school level.”

With less than two weeks for the camp, things tend to be fast paced and intense for young students, while attempting to remain lighthearted and fun.

“We audition in the first two days and cast quickly,” Brewster said. “There is not a lot of time to spend teaching music or lines. We provide the music online for the young actors to be able to learn in advance. The first few days we focus on memorization and basic blocking.”

The camp was advertised to elementary school students via their music classes with roles guaranteed for all those who registered while there was still space.

“Anyone who signed up for the camp can get an onstage part,” Brewster said. “Since the camp is high in demand, and we can only take a limited number of students, it fills up quickly.”

The camp can serve as a platform for students hoping to join high school theatre in the future, as well as introducing new students to the elective. It also gives high school students the opportunity to exercise their technical and directing skills.

“The camp offers an internship program for our students to be in leadership positions,” Brewster said. “There are very few free opportunities for high school age students to participate in theatre, so this is one way we can provide one and get the help we need to create a show in two weeks. It’s fast and a ton of fun.”

Many current theatre students have signed up to assist with the camp.

“I’m helping with 101 Dalmatians Kids this summer because I had the experience of working with the little kids last year during The Jungle Book and I loved it,” rising junior Morgan Riddle said.

Usually held on campus, the camp has been moved from its original location this summer.

“Due to the construction on campus the camp will be relocated to Willow Springs Middle School this summer,” Brewster said.

Despite the location change, most volunteers remain happy and hopeful for the camp.
“I’m not very upset about the camp being moved,” student stage manager and rising sophomore Lauren LaTour said. “I feel like as long as the kids get to participate in the camp and have fun it doesn’t matter where we are holding the camp. Overall I’m super excited, I love working with kids.”