Students use own time for mock exams


Stu Mair

APUSH teacher Brian Erskine is one of the teachers hosting a mock exam outside of school.

Izzy Valenzuela, Staff Reporter

Although exams are traditionally taken during school hours, a few classes such as AP U.S. History and AP Chemistry are using time after school and on the weekends to take mock AP exams. For APUSH students that meant coming to school last Saturday morning, or Wednesday after school.

“Mock exams are an ‘extra’ that some Lovejoy teachers offer to our students because we are invested in their success. I decided to give mine when the most people could attend with the least amount of disruption to my peers,” US History teacher Brian Erskine said.

Some teachers feel that pulling students out of class is unnecessary.

“It isn’t a prudent use of instructional time to pull students out of other important classes to give a mock exam for APUSH,”  Erskine said. A three hour block of time is nearly impossible on a weeknight.”

Some AP Chemistry students are thankful their Chemistry mock exam was after school hours because they don’t want to miss class.

“The mock exams were partially during school and the multiple choice was after school,” junior  Kerry Joiner said. “Our teacher, Mr. Taylor consulted us before we took the exam and we chose the time. I wanted it to be outside of class because then I wouldn’t get behind and I don’t want to have to go in early and do make-up work.”

For APUSH students who will not be able to attend due to their weekend schedules, Erskine is providing an alternative option.

“In addition to other test preparation materials, a hard copy of the practice exam is available to everyone whether they can attend or not,” Erskine said.