French students to experience Renaissance Festival


Morgan Hykin

French students will have the opportunity to travel to France over spring break or the summer.

Katie Felton, Staff Reporter

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival will play host to the school’s French Club on Tuesday for a trip back in time.

“I am looking forward to the trip very much,” sophomore Josh Engler said. “I have never been to the Scarborough festival but I have been to a few Renaissance festivals before and I had a lot of fun so I’m hoping I will have a similar experience this time.”

French teacher Melody Mozley is looking forward to showing the French Club students what it was like to live in the Renaissance period.

“The Renaissance period was a huge culture shift in the society of all of France,” Mozley said. “It was a big part of their era when so much art and literature contributed to even our modern society and things that we still study today so I thinks it’s a really neat opportunity for the students to kind of go for a day and feel like they are in that renaissance period. Unfortunately they will be speaking English and not French but we will still be part of that idea of Renaissance culture and renaissance awareness. The students have opportunities to dress up and really feel like they are apart of that culture.”

Students are excited about the trip.

“I love the Renaissance culture very much so I just had to go on this trip,” freshmen Kiersten Bruno said. “This festival is new to me but I think I will like it and I am excited to see the Shakespeare plays.”

There are also academic competitions available at the festival for the students to participate in.

“There are many many competitions but because of the late nature of when we decided to go on this trip most of the competitions closed out as far as being able to register for them but, open to our students is a poetry writing competition and a essay writing competition,” Mozley said. “In addition to the two competitions that we can participate in this year there are dramatic interpretations, there are acting,and there are also all sorts of very similar to UIL type of events that we hope to participate more fully in next year.”

Some students are going on the trip to experience the culture.

“I personally, know nothing about the Renaissance festival but thats why I am going,” Freshmen William Godfrey said. “I hope to learn more the European culture and the trip so when I go to France I at least know a little culture and some french hopefully.”