Q&A: Amanda Conner

Katie Curry, Sports Reporter

Fresh off the heels of an undefeated district season, the Lady Leopard Softball team is set to begin playoffs on Thursday against Wakeland. In her fourth year of the varsity softball team, Amanda Conner sat down with The Red Ledger’s Katie Curry who got to know her in the following Q&A:

The Red Ledger: How long have you been involved in softball? When did you start select?

Conner: “I’ve played softball since I was three. Actually I started on a baseball team because I was too young to play softball. From there I did softball and I want to say I started select when I was 9 and have been playing ever since.”

The Red Ledger: What positions have you played throughout the years, what is your favorite?

Conner: “I started playing second base, I pitched, moved to right field, went to third base, and then I moved to first base which is now my home and also my favorite.”

The Red Ledger: What are your thoughts when people say baseball is harder than softball?

Conner: “I don’t like it because I feel like the sports are two totally different things so it’s hard to compare them to each other.”

The Red Ledger: What do you consume your time with outside of softball?

Conner: “With the little time I have outside of softball I sleep, do homework, and hang out with friends.”

The Red Ledger: What has been your best memory with the softball team throughout the years?

Conner: “Leading up to state, the Mansfield round which got us to state. Personally, I think it was the best I have played and there was a lot of energy so that moment just stuck with me.”

The Red Ledger: How would you describe yourself in a word?

Conner: “Determined.”

The Red Ledger: What is your favorite thing to eat?

Conner: “I like ice cream, french toast, and a good steak.”

The Red Ledger: You are going to play college ball at Tarleton State University next year, how did that come to be?

Conner: “In softball you have to know the right people and you email about 20 coaches a week to try to get them to come to your tournaments. Tarleton was a school that always stuck out to me because of the good things I had heard about the program and the school. About summer after my sophomore year I got a bunch of offers and I had to narrow it down so I went on some visits and ended up choosing Tarleton.”

The Red Ledger: What do you think your life will look in a year?

Conner: “I’m expecting to still be playing softball for Tarleton and I am going to be working my way to get a degree in elementary education.”

The Red Ledger: How do you describe the season this year so far?
Conner: “I have been out all of district (due to a broken arm) and we are now in the second round so the Lord has been testing me a lot not being able to play the game I love. I’m learning more about myself having to be patient as I ease my way back into the sport.”