Majestics Spring Show debuts Thursday


Alexa Mapes

The Majestics drill team is performing fro the next three nights in their spring showcase.

Haley Brown, Staff Reporter

The annual Majestics Spring Show that runs Thursday through Saturday is traditionally viewed as a celebration of a years worth of hard work, it is much more as it is a bittersweet hello and goodbye for the rising and departing Majestics.

For rising Majestics, also known as “rookie” Majestics, the Spring Show, this year titled Festivale, is their first opportunity to dance with the full Majestics company.

“I hope to bring a very happy energy and stage presence,” freshman Kelsie Ann Trank said. “I am very excited to amaze the audience with the finale, which is a long, detailed high kick routine that the whole company performs. Without the seniors efforts however, the team would not be where it is today.”

The rookie Majestics are celebrated and welcomed by being given the opportunity to dance two solo dances.

“We are dancing to the song “Celebration” which is technically our dance,” freshman Eleise Brooks said. “And we also have a whole dance to the song “Birthday” by Katy Perry.”

While being able to dance with the full company and in solo is certainly an honor to those involved, for the rookie Majestics it much more. Along with solo routines, the rookies participate in the “passing of the hat” which is a sacred tradition which welcomes the newcomers, while also allowing the seniors to pass on their legacy.

”The “passing of the hat” is performed at the end of the show,” Trank said. “It is where the seniors give the rookies their hats. It symbolizes the leaving seniors and the rising of the rookies and our first performance with the Majestics. I’m really excited for that because it will be my first real step to becoming a Majestic.”

The importance and symbolism of the passing of the hat is lost on no Majestic and the weight seems to sit most heavily on the departing seniors shoulders.

“After the passing of the hat on Saturday night the senior Majestics officially become the Evermores,” senior Kinsey Smith said. “Being a Majestic was one of the best decisions I made in high school, and the Majestic family will always hold a special place in my heart.”

The rookies are not the only Majestics to get to engage in special showcase performances as the senior Majestics get to perform their own unique dances.

“The seniors have their own dance that they choreograph and perform for the show,” Smith said. “There is also a Daddy/Daughter dance.”

The seniors also have four long and hard years worth of a legacy to leave to their rookies.

“Majestics always have each others backs, and I will always hold the Majestics in a special place in my heart because you don’t forget about the people who helped you grow into the person you become in your high school career,” Smith said. “And lastly Be Ma esti (the last letters left on the inside of the Majestics door)”

Tickets are available in the school store for $5 (students) or $10 (adults). Shows are on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.